NITYAM is conscious about the changing business systems and the need to have a qualitative ERP. We are aware of an organisation’s need for an integrated system for real-time reporting, increased efficiency and simplification of processes, and of course save money. An Enterprise-Wide Solution can link up finance, CRM, human re-sources, payroll and manufacturing allowing all departments to access information so they can see what is currently happening in the business. Centrally located business information eliminates the need for re-keying data, saving time and resources, while reducing man-power costs.

By having access to a constant flow of real-time business information you’re able to manage KPI’s, conduct analysis and be alerted to any issues or opportunities that may impact operations, profitability and sales.

NITYAM facilitates you, through ERP, to make quick decisions and respond to changes not only in terms of the organisation’s financial position but also the opportunity to see which customers, products and services are most profitable, where efficiency can be improved and maintain the status of current orders.